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KRJ History

KRJ remains committed to the vision upon which the practice was founded: "designing buildings of significance that meet the needs of the clients with specialized programs."

From the Past

Walter Kromm founded KRJ in 1956 with his two colleagues, Yuki Rikimaru and Maurice Johansen. Each possessed a passion to provide good architecture with a modern style rather than the traditional forms that were prevalent in the 1950's. In addition, the partners recognized that thoroughness in carrying out the technical adjuncts to design was fundamental to success and enduring client relationships.

Walter Kromm handled project planning and administration while Yuki Rikimaru managed design and Maurice Johansen conducted construction administration. Together they focused initially on educational and religious facilities; collegiate work soon followed as a natural progression. Their legacy is the number of repeat clients KRJ maintains - some for more than 50 years.

To the Present

Today, Walter Kromm's son, David, and Young-Hie Nahm Kromm head KRJ. David serves as Principle-in-charge and Young-Hie serves as Principle Designer. They each maintain hands-on involvement in every project from beginning to end. It is their passionate conviction that innovative and creative excellence can be made wholly compatible with fundamental accountability for time, cost, and quality.

KRJ has received several awards for excellence in planning and design. The good faith of their long-term clients, however, remains their most coveted. "KRJ's future," says David Kromm, "lies in our continued interest in design and state-of-the-art technology, with people sharing our vision and clients who believe in us."

Into The Future

KRJ delivers unique and specific facilities for clients with unique and specific missions. "The common thread," says David Kromm, "is the requirement for a facility custom-tailored for the delivery of service to people." They are committed to reconciling high-tech to high-touch in design of health care, retirement, and educational facilities.

David and Young-Hie believe that their enduring relationships with numerous repeat clients is derived from the "...balance of design and construction technology - one cannont take precedence over the other." KRJ's advancement into the 21st century is supported by their continued investment in the state-of-the-art technology and by their understanding of their clients' worlds. David and Young-Hie will guide their team, their firm, and also their clients, through change, growth, and development.

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